Last Updated: 23rd October 2014

NEWS: Added cover of Stigmatized by the Calling

NEWS: Added cover of Seether's "Broken" featuring Amy Lee. One of my fave students sings Amy's part
... Thanks Mona! ... Nice :)

NEWS: Finally found time to sit down and work on my site. I know! About time!
All links should be fixed by the end of the day. I am currently working on my songs and more covers.
Should have new stuff up on YouTube real soon ... Peace :)

About Me

I've been a Rock Musician for some years now, mainly singing and playing guitar in cover bands. I have
performed all over the country but am presently based in Adelaide where I did most of my growing up.
Truth is ... it seems there's no such thing as growing up when you're a rock'n'roller.

Some Past Bands

Acoustica, Animal House, Chunky Custard, Dave Gleason Acoustic (Screaming Jets), Dirty Weekend,
Flesh and Wood, Idle Saints, Midnite Xpress, New Romantics, Screenplay, The Motives, The O'Briens.


I have a bunch of videos on YouTube, mostly covers so far ... just me, mainly acoustic guitar and
vocals but some include vocal harmonies, electric guitar and guitar solos etc. I started doing the videos
just for fun back in 2008, now it's getting serious! (joking). Anywho, click the Videos link to view my
videos or the YouTube link to visit my YouTube channel. I have posted Chords for some of the tunes.


Yes! You can download all my videos, older ones in flv format, newer ones in mp4. Audio is high quality
mp3. Visit my Downloads page.

Current Band

Mostly Solo at the moment but doing the odd fill in gig with local bands

Thanks very much for visiting!
I hope you found something interesting or helpful here. Please visit again :-)

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