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Chord Shapes: Intro, Verse, Bridge

... Or ...

Or ...

Use whatever fingering you are comfortable with. In the video I use the first set of Asus2 and A major
chords for two reasons. Firstly, my 3rd and 4th fingers are already hovering over the Gsus2 shape
requiring the least amount of hand movement between the chords. Secondly, it allows me to add the extra
notes that are in the original song (listen to the intro of the original song). I don't do this in the video as I
hadn't practiced it enough by the time I filmed the clip. The other two ways are easier to play.

Use the Asus2 and Amajor chords out of the chord book if that is what you are used to, that is, same as
the second set with the 1st and 2nd fingers swapped over.

Chord Shapes: Chorus

You can use ordinary bar chords instead and the sound will be close enough. The Gb minor will be the same
shape except you would bar the 2nd fret with your index finger. The Bsus2 will be the same shape except
you would bar the 2nd fret with your index finger as well. Also, use a G major bar chord instead of the
open G chord if you prefer.

Disclaimer: Please note that the chords I use when playing cover songs are not necessarily the exact ones
used by the original artist. I play by ear, meaning that I copy what I hear and often place my own
interpretation on it. I don't use tabs or chord charts. If however you want to play the tunes exactly as I
have in my videos, then these are the chords to use. Most often the original artist uses the same ones or
near enough variations of them anyway. Keep on Rockin !!! ... James